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Just a Love Story
Hiya people!!! How are you today? This is just my second fanfiction. I have no idea what else to call it… Any ideas? So, anyway, to what you came for, the story~!!

You were not just any average girl. In fact, everyone thought of you as your average boy. You had short hair, wore boys' clothes, and did a boys work around your house. Hair was a pain to take care of. You could move much more in boys' clothes. There was cloth around your chest once starting to develop. There was also no actual boy in your home, so you stepped up and took the role. There once was a time where you were known as a girl but, it seemed "she" suddenly disappeared just as you came. Your father was dead. No longer living as a girl, you seriously needed to act like a boy. With a disproving sister and a saddened mother, this wasn't easy. But you pulled it off anyway.

"_(Insert epic guy name)_!!"

You turned to see who it was; it seemed to be Feliciano Vargas. The little boy from down the street. He was panicking and running toward you like it was the end of the world. He was screaming something; you couldn't make it out yet. 'Rates? Pi? What is he screaming about..?' you thought. Suddenly you heard, "PIRATES~!!" from him. Instantly, you stood up. 'Pirates… Again?!?!' you wondered. He cried, "_(Guy name)_!! _(Guy name)_!! Please help the people by the water!! They aren't doing well!!" Of course you went to help. You needed to. You promised your father to help people in need. Even if was yourself. You left with a sword at hand.
~~~~Time skip~~~~

        You were now near the shore. You ran from the Eastern Village (Where you live.), to the Western Village (Not exactly the names ever, but it'll have to do.). It was a surprise how Feliciano even got from here to there, it was a big village. Lots of people lived there. This was the second time you've seen the western village so frantic.


        You were seven. Like any other little girl, you wore a dress, and had long hair. It was a perfectly happy day. You were with your dad at the Western Village. Suddenly, there were loud warnings everywhere.


        You asked your dad, "What's a pirate?" He said, "_(Real girl name)_, promise me you'll take care of the Western and Eastern Village, ok?" You nodded. You didn't really understand the situation, but you took the promise. Everyone was running, passing you quickly. But a strange man with these sparkly emerald green eyes came up to your father and you. You hid behind you father. Barely hearing the argument/negotiation, he noticed you.He said he was the captain's son. Then the man said, "Well, what do we have here..?" He was grinning. Your father was saying all of these things that you couldn't understand. At the end, you heard, "Don't take her, just take me." The man grinned and took him. He left you there. You were crying and didn't know what to do but run back home and tell your mom and sister. You were sobbing when you told them. Nothing was the same ever again.

*End of flashback*

You despised pirates. Ever since that day, you've hated them with all your heart. You were at the Western Village. The ship you saw was vaguely familiar…. 'It couldn't be the same ship as then! It can't be…' you shook your head away from the thought. 'What am I thinking..? For sure-'your thought stopped in it's tracks. You were now face to face with the emerald eyed man.
Hiya~~ Second one.. I know.. Just tell me if you want me to continue or not. (Which I most likely will without your consent.) I did that all off the top of my head.. It took FOREVER.


My sister made me think of the whole, how old is Arthur in this, if he's 23 in the present? Then I was like OHMYGOD I DIDN'T THINK THAT THROUGH!!! Then I edited it to Captain's SON.

WAZZUP?!!?! Haha, this is Chocolatelover87's sister!! WHOOO!! Btw, My name's Aiko! Ehhh.. I have a dA but I don't really use it. Hmm. maybe I will! Anyyywayyyyy. uhhhhh. PRUSSIA HAS INVADED YOUR VITAL REGIONS WITH HIS AWESOME FIVE METERS. KESESESESESESE~

Chapter 1: Here~~
Chapter 2: [link]

I don't own:

England/Arthur Kirkland (Even though he is clearly not named yet.)
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My name we'll girl name Rose Maylie. Now get ready for my guy name .. Drum roll.
Pluto!!! Nun that not the name it's Barbie oh not that not right hm... Oh that it 
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good good^^
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