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November 3, 2012
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CanadaXReader: Chapter 2
That's More Than Enough

You went back home, from school. It was a regular day. You were just about to leave campus when Kam tried to catch up to you.

"WAIIIIIIIIIT!" he shouted from about 100ft away. His backpack was, as always, slowing him down,

"You're so slow!" you said, once he was next to you.

"I'm –pant- so –pant- sorry –pant-," he said. He caught his breath. "OKAY! LET'S GO!"

"Yeah, finally," you said. You both started walking down the sidewalk.

Kam poked you. "How have you been holding up without that glove?"

You sighed. "You don't need to be so concerned."

"Just tell me! I must know your secret!"


"Wow. Seriously? That was your mom's too?"

"Yeah," you said. You both were silent, and the rest of the walk was silent, too.

When you arrived at your house, you waved bye to Kam. He had shouted bye to you, and you smiled. You went into your house, without a word said. You kicked off your shoes and went to your room. You dropped your backpack on the floor of your room and laid down. You fell asleep.

~~~~Time Skip~~~~
*Kam's POV*

I was just looking around for food to eat. I opened the pantry and found some cookies. I started eating them when I remembered to call _________________. She occasionally takes a nap at this time, and that's no good. I dialed her number and waited for her to answer. No answer. I tried again. Again. Again. Nothing. I sighed. She'll stay up even later than usual. I was being a hypocrite, because I took naps almost every day, but I had to wake her up, SOMEHOW, so I opened my front door, taking the keys to her house and mine, and started to walk.

About two blocks and ½ later, I was at her house. I don't know why I keep rejecting the offer of them driving me to school, but whatever. I guess it's because I feel like I'm just a burden to them. I've known her since kindergarten, but I still feel like I'm a burden… It's weird… I opened her front door with the key she gave me back in 6th grade, and entered. I took off my shoes and went straight to her room. She looked fine, seemed fine, but her hands were clenched so tight her knuckles were turning white, and that is not something you do in your sleep. I sighted. She should put more effort into not falling asleep during the day. I shook her and said, "You should get up."

*Reader's POV*

I woke up, and saw Kam. I sighed in relief. He smiled at me.

"You'll wreck your sleeping pattern, or what little sleep you have already," he said. "Can't let you go with a night with no sleep, y'know. It's not healthy."

"Yeah yeah…" you said. "Whatever."

"Since I'm here and all…" he said. He was suddenly in a happy mood. "Can I have some food? I am starving! I tried calling you 4 times in the middle of my snack time so do you think you get me some food?"


"What's there to eat?" he asked. You both got out of your room and went to the kitchen. You found some more cake, which Kam obviously wanted.

"Want some milk with that?" you asked, jokingly.

"NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. MILK TASTES HORRBLE. YOU DO NOT JOKE AROUND LIKE THAT," he said. "But I'll have water!" You got a water bottle for him, and threw it to him, knowing that he wouldn't catch it, which he didn't.

He left eventually, after about an hour. You went to your room, and did your homework.

~~~~Time Skip: Next Morning~~~~

You got out of the car, not seeing Kam, but you went to find him anyway. He ran past you in an oversized jacket with a book stuffed up it.

"You'll never touch this book Jen! If you do I'll call you a molester!" he shouted while running past you. "Oh sup ________________!" he said once he was about ten feet away. You gave a small wave. He shouted to Jen, "I'M GOING TO THE LOCKER ROOM!" She didn't stop chasing him.

"Lemme read it!" she shouted. Jen had hair that was black, a little poofy. She had a moly right above her eyebrow, and was tanned.

"Nope! Too bad!" he said as he entered the boy's locker room.

"Damn it!" Jen said.

You'd been walking toward Kam the whole time, and you called him out of the locker room. "Is she gone?" he asked.

"Yeah," you said.

"Good." He was carrying a book that said Grave Mercy, by Robin LaFevers.* There was a girl standing tall. She held a cross bow, and was in a dress that looked like it was made of velvet.

You both walked down the halls of the school. "So… ________________________. I notice you have your black glove again."

You looked at him. "Yes. I do."



"Anyway… The reason why Jen was chasing me, was because she wanted my book," he explained. "And I wouldn't let her touch it. So I stuffed it up my shirt and ran."

"That sounds nice," you said, using sarcasm.

"Well, at least I got some exercise."

"I guess," you said. The bell had rang. You both went to your first period classes.

*Kam's POV*

I ran into Matt on the way to first period. Not literally RAN INTO, but you know, seeing the person.

"Hi Matt!" I shouted. As usual, he waved back shyly, or was that awkwardness? I guess it could have been either. I started to wonder if he wondered about _________________________. That would be perfect! I thought, he should get to know a little about her past first. Just to get him up to date on her life. I wonder how he'd take it… I kept imagining the possibilities. Maybe I am a hopeless romantic…. Nah, that can't be true~ I walked to the locker room.

~~~~Time Skip: After School~~~~

*Still Kam's POV*

I was walking home alone today, no doubt. _________________________ was in ____(Some sport you're good at)____ practice. I saw Matt, and caught up to him.

"Do you walk home?" I asked him.

"Y-yeah," he said, sounding startled at the fact that I suddenly appeared.

"Which way?"


"Great! I'm going with you," you said to him. "I don't like walking alone. There's no fun in it." He just nodded. We both kept walking, but it was kind of quiet. I only met Matthew this year, so there wasn't much to talk about. I decided to start a conversation. "Did you finish the science project yet?"

"Yes, I have," he said.

"Really? I've barely started it… It was only assigned last week… And it's due in two weeks…" I said, just to make sure he knew that.

"I'm not sure if it's good enough yet, though," he said. "I've asked Alfred if it did, then he said, 'Matt you're such a worrywart! It looks fine!' but I'm still not sure."

"Just turn it in, I'm sure you'll get extra credit anyway, and that should make it up if it looks bad."

"Huh… Yeah…" he said. We were silent for a bit. "By the way, about _______________________..."

"Are you asking about her? I will answer every question you throw at me!" I said in a confident voice.

"Okay… Did something happen to her in the past?"

"Oh… That's the type of question you wanted to ask…" I said, wanting to hide my disappointment.

"I-is there something wrong?"

"Sorta…" I said. "I've known her since kindergarten,  and even I don't know every detail… She was kind of secretive in 4th and 5th grade." I took out a piece of paper with _________________________'s address on it, just in case I forgot, but I've long since memorized it. It's like common knowledge to me. I handed it to Matthew. "Talk to her brother about it. He knows every second of it. His name is Akio, and he's home every day after 6, because he's in college," I said handing him the paper. "If he asks who gave you the address and questions trusting you, just say, 'I swear in the name of chocolate, it was Kam.' Okay? It's my secret password whenever I have someone do something for me over there. You can go Friday after school, while ______________________ is at _____(Sport you're good at)_____ practice. She stays out after that until about 12 or 1AM."

"Why is that so late?"

"You'll know when you go there on Friday."

* Okay, that is real book. It's pretty cool. (Yes there's SOME romance.) This girl is an assasin. And she kills. She seaves Mortain, the God of death. And this is all like in midieval (I don't know if I spelled that right.) times so beready for the word, "uncouth" to appear!

ANYWAY... I was gonna submit a picture of me in my Halloween costume, but I got lazy and didn't. XDD

Anyway... It's 11:45PM and I am yawning. On a Saturday night. Amazing. It's because I didn't take a nap today...


So.... I'll be working on the AmericaXReader this week and I'll try to have it ready next week, all right? COOL!

I do not own:

Canada/Matthew Williams

My Older brother person, Akio.


Me Mother Russia YOU!
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